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Just wanted to get this all in one place for once :p More projects to come guys, thank you so much for the support!!!

Hey guys!
I have a new set up with Cesar Juarez ( from yesterday at Central Park. I have the whole set up in the gallery for only :) Click the link to see the album!…

I have a few more to scan and put up later this week as well!

Speaking of polaroids.. I also did a shoot with Jiyang Chen ( yesterday for the polaroid store! Check it out, there are examples from yesterday’s shoot on the store now:

Thank you guys for all the positive feedback on the poster and polaroid rewards from the campaign. I’m so glad that everyone is happy :) I also recorded all of the thank you videos on Friday. So you guys should be receiving those soon! I may also splice up an outtakes video for everyone else to see as well. I officially have my own youtube channel. It has the second Q&A video in it!…

If you would like to purchase a poster or a calendar you still can!!!/~/pro…

I also completely revamped my website (still in the works) but take a look and let me know what you guys think!

Thanks for reading!


Here is the first video response to my Q&A!
I will be doing a second video this weekend as well as starting my own YouTube channel since I got such a great response from you guys!
Questions can still be submitted at:

Finally, Friday is the last day that you can customize you order for my poster! Please look into it if you haven't yet!!

Thank you ;D
Hey guys! In case you haven't seen my blathering already: I dressed up as Princess Bubblegum this past weekend at Comic Con. I am trying to get people to click the link below and like my photo so I can win :p it's pretty selfish

I am shooting today with a new photographer and another again in 2 weeks so I should have some updates coming up. Also I am recording a Q&A this weekend from questions that were submitted on Reddit. That should be up soon too,

Thank you guys!
For those of you who haven't heard I just launched a poster campaign this past weekend. I got a lot of request in the past for a poster, so here it is! Theres some unique reward packages as well:
I would really appreciate it if you check it out! Plus a big thank you to everyone who did already!

Also I wanted to officially announce that I am going to NY Comic Con this year. I hope to see some deviants there :) I will be cosplaying as Princess Bubblegum from the latest episode "the vault". I will definitely be posting some pictures.

Thanks to all the new Instagram followers too :p
Hey! I haven't been updating here at all so I am just going to throw some stuff out there for you guys who don't follow my other pages.

First, I have recently become webmaster of which was previously run by a fan like yourselves. I am not so great at coding yet but I will get there :p I will be updating there a lot more than I do on the journal here. You should check it out!

Next I have a very exciting project coming up with CCG Models (the producer of the 2013 Calendar I was in) that I can't wait to launch! For now though you can check out CCG Models' Instagram for snapshots and snippets from the shoot that we had today:

Also the calendar went on sale for anyone who wanted it and didn't get a chance to order it : 

A lot of you guys ask if I have my own Instagram. I do not have a 'modeling' Instagram but I do have a personal account:

Lastly one final reminder, I get asked a lot about using my picture for reference for art or for editing. This is okay with me but I also recommend that you check with the photographer and credit appropriately if you post it.

That's all for now but I will update again soon,
The CCG Calendar is live!
I am on the cover and in 2 of the months. There is also an option to receive one signed by me which a lot of you have messaged me about.
If you buy one use the code Susan5 for 5% off

Thanks guys!
There will be a 'Live Streaming Photoshoot' At some point during these times:

Friday July 29 1pm - 9pm
Mon Aug 1 - 11am to 8pm
Tue Aug 2 - 11am to 8pm
Wed Aug 3 - 4pm to 9pm
Thur Aug 4 - 10am to 12pm

You can find this on sideshowsito's dA

Also super excited to be working with the following people over my next week :)

Artifice clothing
Decadent designs
House of etiquette
Black lotus clothing

Special guest model - Blade-of-Mako (aka  poisonne)

2 things
This one I have said before but will say again:
A lot of you ask to draw, edit, ect. my pictures and that is fine with me. I just ask if you post it anywhere credit myself and the photographer. I also recommend that you check that it is okay with the photographer as well.

Second is that some of you have asked me to post stock. I recently worked with :iconmjranum-stock: and that is his stock account so anything on there you can use as long as you follow his conditions which are stated on his page.

PS I might pick a few edits to post on my page ;)

That's it, Thanks :)
Just throwing this out there because there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding:
I am not a photographer. I haven't taken any of these pictures.
I AM A MODEL! Therefore I am the on IN the pictures.
That is why I credit my photographers when I post things.
I know that most of the people who don't understand this probably won't read this, but it was worth a try.
Check out for the most intensive written interview I have done yet :)
First of all I wrote a journal about this months ago, but deleted when pruning unnecessary things from my deviant art
I have already acknowledged that the amount of page views I get some days (especially the last week) is physically impossible
I know someone has been messing with it, to compliment me or whatever, I really don't know
Honestly it's a bother to me because it's calling unnecessary attention and it inhibits my ability to actually tell how many people are on my page

just putting it out there again because I get a lot of comments/ messages* about it
Preview to behind the scenes from mine and sito's last shoot…

Did an interview last week for 'The Final Cut' you can listen to here, if you are interested…

Also while on campus the other day I got photographed for a fashion blog :p

that's all :)
For those of you who may ride the Ny/Nj Path trains you may see me in the Hamilton Square "Jersey City feels right" ads
yay :)

Also I am going to be featured in two month of a calendar that will be on sale in the nest few weeks, If you wish to purchase it this is the link
for every one that is bought one will be sent to the troops!

& sorry for the lack of activity, I've been very busy with work/school lately
I got published in an online magazine! yay…

Its the set where in walking around in the city
My layout starts on page 70 (to 100)

and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes !